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Single Injection May Revolutionize Melanoma Treatment, Moffitt Study Shows

August 23, 2013

The Moffitt Cancer Center issued a press release announcing that their first human clinical trial of PV-10 for advanced melanoma patients was in progress. In addition to monitoring the response of injected melanoma tumors, the study is also measuring the boost in the anti-tumor immune cells of patients after injection.

In an initial study performed at Moffitt Cancer Center, researchers injected a single dose of PV-10 into mice with melanoma. The result was a significant reduction in the skin cancer lesions, as well as a sizable reduction in melanoma tumors that had spread to the lungs. The researchers said that PV-10 appeared to produce a robust anti-tumor immune response and may be safer than existing immunological agents. The initial study, Intralesional Injection of Rose Bengal Induces a Systemic Tumor-Specific Immune Response in Murine Models of Melanoma and Breast Cancer, was published in PLOS ONE in July 2013.